Chalk Talk I


Step 1: Create the top of the picket fence by laying the scalloped edge of Chalk Talk I at the level you would like the top of your fence to be.  Dust the scalloped edge with blue for daytime or black for nighttime skies.                                        

Step 2: The boards of the fence are created by taking a straight edge (here we have used a template edge) and lining it up with each of the points on the scallop.  Start at one side of the fence.  Dust brown chalk along the straight edge, then move to the next point.


Step 3: Add any details to create your scene.  Here we have added grass from Chalk Talk II.  You could add snowmen, snowflakes and shovels for a winter scene.  Our Family tree with green leaves for summer or orange and red leaves for fall.  

More Ideas...

Make a night sky and add a flag from American Pride (3034) and fireworks from Carnival (3039) for 4th of July scenes.

Halloween scenes can be created quickly as well.  Make a night sky and add pumpkins, ghosts and other spooky items from Autumn Fun (3029)

Step 1: First start by free-handing a beach.  Don't Panic!  It's easy!  Simply make a straight line at a slope with brown chalk.  Then fill in the area below with brown. 

TIP: DON'T use the dark brown!       


Step 2: Now create the horizon line with the jagged edge from Chalk Talk I.  Make sure that you are dusting your chalk down into the water, not up into the sky. 

Now...add more layers of waves by repeating this but in one inch areas, not long lines of waves.


Step 3: Add any details to create your scene.  Here we have added footprints from Childs Play (3023).  You can also add sand castles, seashells and dolphins or whales from Sand n' Sea (3030)

.If you need a lake scene, simply add a row of pine trees from Majestic Forest (3037) above the water horizon line.  Then you can add a canoe and tent from Great Outdoors (3016)

We have added clouds in the sky.  You could create a sunset instead with the center of Chalk Talk I.





Clouds: Use the corner of the Chalk Talk Template.

 *  Start on the template and dust off...onto the paper. 

*  Jump template around in a random pattern.  DO NOT use the entire cloud corner all at one time, only in sections.

If you STILL can't do are trying too hard!  Close your eyes and do it, your clouds will turn out more natural.




Waves: Flip the cloud corner upside down.

*  Tilt it slightly to the left so the clouds will be parallel with the edge of the paper. (If you don't tilt the template your waves will be crooked)

*  Start at the bottom of the waves and move upward.

*  Dust the edge of the template with dark blue.  DO NOT spread the chalk out too far or you will cover up the waves below.

*  Move the template up 1/4 inch or so and off to one side, offsetting the waves.

DON'T let your waves line up over each other.