Chalking Tips from the Chalk Lady

FairyTale Creations Templates can be used with a wide variety of products!

*Save money by using them over and over 

*Lots of designs on one template 

*Use them in a variety of different projects 

*You and your kids can use them

*Great to keep your kids out of your hair while you scrapbook

*Great for all scrappers and stampers...from the creativity-challenged to the advanced


Tip: Try to use cotton balls as much as possible.  It allows the chalk colors to touch together a bit and gives a nice shadow that gives the images more dimension.

The Chalk Lady's Answers to your Questions...

How do I apply the Chalk? 100% Cotton Balls and Cotton Swabs.

How do I set the Chalk? Place a piece of paper over the chalked design and rub your hand over it.  This presses the extra chalk into the fibers.  Your paper will absorb the chalk because of the oils left in your paper from the tree fibers.

What if I make a mistake? Erase it!  It is that easy!

What kind of paper can I use? Anything that isn't glossy.

Is Chalk Acid free? Yes and non-toxic so your kids can use them too.  Plus the chalk comes out of clothes.

How do I clean the templates?  You can put all the templates into the sink with some soap and water, swish and dry...or use a baby wipe or wet paper towel and wipe them clean

Do I have to use the templates with chalk? No, they can be used with markers, pens, chalks and dry embossing.  If you are more advanced try heat embossing, pearlex, stencil paste and much more.

Why are my chalks breaking? I always teach people to sweep their cotton ball over the chalk.  DO NOT twist, dab or press on the chalk cubes.  You will find that there will be more chalk on your cotton ball and your chalks will last longer if you sweep!  Teach your kids to sweep too!